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Panoramas - Central Repository Thereof
The Game Photos
Tahoe Trips
Google: Marble Structures
Summer in New York (2004)
July 3rd 2004 - Visiting Aunt, Uncle, and Two-Generations of Cousins
View Westward from Dumbarton Bridge
Apartment Hunting in Berkeley (2004)
Berkeley Basement Studio (2004)
Cleaning My Berkeley Studio (Scary!) (2004-2005)
Hiking Berkeley's Firetrail with Benjamin (2004)
New Year's Trip to Denver (2004/2005)
Jan 3rd 2005 - Spending the Day with Aunt Sharon
May 14th 2005 - Castroville Artichoke Festival
June 12th 2005 - Wine Trip to Napa
Banff, Calgary, and the Canadian Rockies - June 18th-25th 2005
July 16-17th 2005 - Los Angeles
Sep 25th 2005 - How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade
Oct 16th 2005 - Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival
New Jersey & New York - March 18th-25th 2006
Oregon Shakespeare Festival (June 2006)
June 10th 2006 - Celtic Festival
June 10th 2006 - Dia de Portugal Festival
June 11th 2006 - Italian Street Painting Festival
June 11th 2006 - Live Oaks Park Fair
July 1st 2006 - SF Opera in Dolores Park
July 2nd 2006 - Biking Around Alameda
July 30th 2006 - SF Opera in Stern Grove, and more
Vancouver - August 2nd-6th 2006
San Mateo Studio (2006)
Montreal and Quebec City - September 23rd-October 1st 2006
October 8th 2006 - Northern California Renaissance Faire
Nov 5th 2006 - Dia de Los Muertos Festival
November 23rd 2006: Thanksgiving
Atlanta, Georgia - March 24th-30th 2007
April 15th, 2007: Southern Cooking
April 29th - May 1st 2007: Yosemite Car Camping & Hiking
May 5th 2007: Cinco de Mayo at Dolores Park
May 6th 2007: Norway Day at Fort Mason
May 12th 2007: Asian American Heritage Celebration (Central Park, San Mateo, CA)
May 19th 2007: Himalayan Fair (Berkeley) and A Stroll Through North Berkeley
May 20th 2007: Mountain View Festival
May 26th 2007: Carnaval (Mission District, SF)
June 2nd 2007: Union Street Festival
June 3rd 2007: Israel in the Gardens Festival
Washington D.C. - June 7th-14th 2007
July 1st 2007: Fillmore Street Jazz Festival
August 5th 2007: Aloha Festival (Presidio, SF)
August 11th 2007: Pistahan (Filipino) Festival and Indonesian Day Festival
August 18th 2007: Bay Area Barbeque Cookoff
August 26th 2007: Arab Cultural Festival
September 16th 2007: Concord Greek Festival
Boston and Vicinity - September 21st-26th 2007
India (Delhi, Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, and Vicinity) - October 6th-24th 2007
Hawaii (Maui) - November 12th-15th 2007
Boston and New England - November 17th-December 1st 2007
Crystal Springs Reservoir (San Mateo county)
Anaheim and Disneyland - February 4th-6th 2008
Boston and New England (again) - February 28th-March 18th 2008
March 22nd 2008: El Corte de Madera Creek / Skeggs Point Hike
March 23rd 2008: Wunderlich Park Hike
March 28th 2008: Mission Peak Hike with Coworkers
April 6th 2008: Chilean Cultural Festival
April 20th 2008: Cherry Blossom Festival (Japantown)
Oregon Shakespeare Festival - April 26th-28th 2008
May 17th 2008: Immigrants Day Festival (Redwood City)
May 31st 2008: Chocolate and Chalk Festival (Berkeley)
June 7th 2008: Charles Chocolate Tour (Emeryville) and more
Vancouver, Richmond, Seattle, and Vancouver Island - June 10th-17th 2008
June 26th 2008: Manresa
Singapore and a bit of Malaysia - July 18th-August 1st 2008
August 9th 2008: Pistahan (Filipino) Festival
Maine, Boston, and New England (again) - August 28th-September 7th 2008
September 20th 2008: Glendi Ethnic Food Fair
September 21st 2008: Armenian Food Festival
September 25th 2008: The de Young Museum
September 27th 2008: International Food Festival
October 12th 2008: Polish Festival
Barcelona - November 3rd-25th 2008
New York City and Newark - December 2nd-5th 2008
Boston and New England (again) - February 13th-22nd 2009
Los Angeles - March 14th-16th 2009
New York City - March 23rd-25th 2009
Chicago - March 25th-28th 2009
April 18th 2009: Kusamura Bonsai Club Show
April 19th 2009: Medieval Fantasy Festival
Austin - April 24th-27th 2009
May 16th 2009: Asian Heritage Street Celebration
May 16th 2009: Buddha Birthday Celebration and Festival
Cleveland - May 23rd-25th 2009
China (mostly Shanghai) - May 31st-June 21st 2009
July 11th 2009 - Hawaiian Festival
July 12th 2009 - Redwood City Indian Family Day
London, and a bit of Edinburgh and Oxford - July 19th-September 13th 2009
Norway - July 21st-27th 2009
August 21st 2009: Egyptian Festival (Hayward)
September 19th 2009: North Beach Festival (SF)
September 19th 2009: South Beach Festival (SF)
September 20th 2009: Chinatown Festival
September 25th-27th 2009: Yosemite
Tarrytown and Vicinity - October 2009
Maine - October 24th-27th 2009
Shanghai (as an expat) - November 17th 2009 and onward
Singapore - December 27th 2009-January 2nd 2010
Beijing - January 28th-30th 2010
Hong Kong - February 4th-7th 2010
Singapore - February 13th-24th 2010
Cambodia (Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom) - February 16th-19th 2010
Hong Kong (again) - March 12th-21st 2010
Bangkok - March 15th-18th 2010
May 30th 2010: Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras Festival
June 12th 2010: Coal Creek Open Space Preserve
Oregon (Portland, Crater Lake, and Ashland) - September 19th-27th 2010
Healdsburg and Santa Rosa - October 1st-3rd 2010
October 10th 2010: Jewish Street Festival
London (as an expat, again) - October 23rd-December 15th 2010
Rome - November 26th-30th 2010
January 8th 2011: San Jose Museum of Art
March 15th 2011: Musee Mecanique
March 17th 2011: Carmel
Los Angeles and Pismo Beach - March 24th-27th 2011
April 2nd 2011: Joseph Grant County Park
April 6th 2011: San Bruno Mountain County and State Park
Los Angeles - April 28th-May 1st 2011
May 8th 2011: Monte Bello Open Space Preserve
Paris - May 11th-24th 2011
June 19th 2011: Martinez BBQ Festival
Los Angeles - June 24th-26th 2011
July 21st 2011: S.F. Moma
Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks - July 29th-31st 2011
August 14th 2011: Big Sur
Lake Tahoe - August 31st-September 2nd 2011
Washington D.C. (life therein) - September 2011 and onward
Stanford Reunion - October 20th-22nd 2011
Singapore - March 6th-13th 2012
Toronto - March 13th-18th 2012
New York City - July 5th-8th 2012
New York City - December 15th-20th 2012
Maine - December 20th-24th 2012
Seattle - February 15th-18th 2013