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Summer in New York (2004)

From when I bought my digital camera (end of June) through the rest of my stay until the end of July.

June 29th 2004 - First Experiments with Digital Camera
June 30th 2004 - More Playing with Camera: Apartment, Walking
July 2nd 2004 - Parts of Lower (Eastern) Midtown
July 4th 2004 - Ultimate, Columbia, and More
July 5th 2004 - Gramercy/Flatiron District
July 7th 2004 - Eastern Chelsea
July 14th 2004 - Met Life Looking Festive at Night
July 15th 2004 - The Theater District and more
July 16th 2004 - Attempts at Bird Watching on the Google Balcony
July 17th 2004 - Upper East Side, North Central Park
July 18th 2004 - Cloisters, Upper West Side, Thai
July 19th 2004 - The UN, and Some Lower (East) Manhattan
July 20th 2004 - Grand Central and Vicinity, to Dinner via Times Square
July 21st 2004 - Upper Midtown
July 22nd 2004 - The Burger Joint
July 23rd 2004 - Arthur's Tavern
July 24th 2004 - Guggenheim, Museum of the City of New York, Upper Midtown, and more
July 25th 2004 - Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History
July 27th 2004 - Misc. Wandering with Donald
July 28th 2004 - Good Dinner and Dessert
July 29th 2004 - The Spanish (Community?) Center
Curry Hill