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Boston and New England - November 17th-December 1st 2007

November 18th 2007: Assorted Cambridge Happenings
November 19th 2007: Museum of Fine Arts
November 20th 2007: More Assorted Cambridge Happenings
November 21st 2007: Traveling from Boston to Long Island
November 22nd 2007: Thanksgiving
November 23rd 2007: Traveling from Long Island to Boston
November 24th 2007: Back Bay and Chinatown
November 25th 2007: Beacon Hill
November 26th 2007: Kittery (Maine) and Vicinity
November 27th 2007: More Kittery (Maine) and Vicinity
November 28th 2007: Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts
November 29th 2007: M.I.T.
November 30th 2007: M.I.T. Vicinity
December 1st 2007: Heading Home
Pictures With Parents