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Banff, Calgary, and the Canadian Rockies - June 18th-25th 2005

I traveled to Banff for an academic conference, and stayed a few days extra to explore the general area. These are the pictures from the trip. The best pictures that really should be viewed full-sized are marked excellent.

  • There are no pictures from the 18th because I had left my batteries in my luggage and so wasn't able to take any pictures that day.
  • There are no pictures from the 22nd because that was the day I was presenting, and so I didn't have a chance to go out and explore. I was too stressed, and then too exhausted.
Apologies, my camera has washed out / failed to properly distinguish all the different shades of white on very bright pictures taken outdoors (e.g., clouds, snow, ice).

June 19th 2005 - Banff - Day 2
June 20th 2005 - Banff - Day 3
June 21st 2005 - Downtown Banff and Sights Further Afield - Day 4
June 23rd 2005 - Canadian Rockies - Day 6
June 24th 2005 - Calgary - Day 7
June 25th 2005 - Calgary - Day 8