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China (mostly Shanghai) - May 31st-June 21st 2009

May 31st 2009: Flying to Shanghai
June 1st 2009: North Shanghai (Hongkou)
June 2nd 2009: Museum Day
June 3rd 2009: E. Nanjing Road and Jing'an Temple District
June 4th 2009: French Concession
June 5th 2009: Pudong
June 6th 2009: Old Town (esp. Yuyuan Garden)
June 7th 2009: Only Meals
June 8th 2009: Pudong
June 9th 2009: Three Hill Island (Sanshan Island)
June 10th 2009: Suzhou
June 11th 2009: Mostly Meals
June 12th 2009: Heading to Xi'an
June 13th 2009: Xi'an City Walls, Terracotta Warriors, Tang Dynasty Show
June 14th 2009: Xi'an: Shaanxi History Museum, Han Yangling Museum, and more
June 15th 2009: Arts & Crafts Museum
June 16th 2009: Qibao
June 17th 2009: Meals
June 18th 2009: South Shanghai and Xujiahui
June 19th 2009: Urban Planning Center, and dinner
June 20th 2009: Food and Near Lu Xun Park
June 21st 2009: Flying Home